Elln Bristol Rethinking Fundraising

Rethinking Fundraising – The Executive’s Perspective

Conversations with Ellen and Leading Practitioners, Technologists, Journalists and Other Provocateurs about Funding Nonprofits

Hello, everyone! This is Ellen Bristol, founder of Bristol Strategy, performance management geek and nut for metrics. After years of working to improve the productivity and strategic management of the fundraising function, we decided to launch a podcast series, to interview experts, practitioners and provocateurs with both conventional, and decidedly UNCONVENTIONAL, ways of talking about, thinking about and implementing strategies for funding their nonprofit organizations, to achieve the mission, serve the client, and bring about desirable social change. While we all want to see our organizations thrive, there are many different ways to keep nonprofit organizations financially healthy.

As the nonprofit sector grows and matures, the methods for funding these organizations has evolved. Traditional approaches to philanthropy remain – and remain strongly viable. But there are additional perspectives we need to know about and understand. I’ve reached out to some of the most interesting, provocative and lively leaders I can find, to discuss their perspectives. We will be talking with organizational founders, senior leaders, board chairs, technology providers, strategic consultants, and journalists of all stripes during this journey.

Our first conversation is with Vu Le, author of the irresistible blog Nonprofit AF, who talked with me about the concept of community-centered fundraising, a new concept he’s currently blogging about. Then we had the opportunity to meet with Ruth McCambridge, managing editor of The Nonprofit Quarterly, talking about the Nonprofit Wage Ghetto.  Other conversations will include thought leaders like Bill Tedesco, CEO and founder of DonorSearch, and Vickie Sullivan, a new name in the nonprofit industry but a major star in positioning and branding strategies for expert consultants in many fields.

I hope you’ll subscribe, follow us, comment and raise a ruckus! We want this conversation to go far and wide. So welcome! Let me know if you are interested in speaking with us yourself, or have someone you think would be a good candidate. You can always reach me by commenting here, emailing me (ellen@bristolstrategygroup.com) or phoning me at 786-554-2666.