About Us

Hi, everyone, and welcome to Rethinking Fundraising – The Executive’s Perspective. I founded Bristol Strategy to figure out (and improve) the way nonprofits fund their operations. And what a ride! I’ve discovered how much room there is for improvement! Great-hearted, diligent, caring people are working super-hard to solve social problems, maintain the arts, do scientific research and a zillion other things that government and private industry either don’t, can’t, or shouldn’t do. But guess what? Nonprofit organizations are businesses too. And they need a strong, consistent, predictable and robust flow of income to fill those needs and satisfy their missions.

So I thought it would be helpful to talk to some industry leaders, including practitioners, consultants, authors and academics, about the bigger picture. The term “fundraising” has begun to take on a limited definition; it just means fundraising events, or walks, or races, or phone calls. Or crowd-funding.  I wanted us to talk about the bigger picture. How do – or could – nonprofit organizations fund their entire operations ‘re going tin a more sustainable, professionalized way? What techniques could nonprofit leaders consider above and beyond grants or the annual appeal? What for-profit practices could be adapted to the nonprofit culture?

We’re going to publish new conversations with interesting people about once a month. Unless we find cooler people faster!