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Ruth McCambridge on the Nonprofit Wage Ghetto

There’s a widespread assumption that it’s OK for nonprofit employees to earn less than their for-profit peers. We actually don’t think it’s OK – that’s what this podcast is about – but it’s certainly common. Which is really too bad; paying nonprofit staff low wages is neither wise nor good, and could even undermine the organization’s ability to achieve its mission. If anything related to fundraising demands rethinking, then surely raising enough money to compensate employees appropriately is it.

Ruth McCambridge, the managing editor of The Nonprofit Quarterly, has done some research on this issue. Her findings provide a deep and serious challenge to the assumption that low nonprofit wages are acceptable. In fact, Ruth suggests in some sectors, low wages are producing an “industry of poverty.” Ruth and I discuss this subject at length in this podcast. You can also read more about this in her article “The Nonprofit Wage Ghetto” in the September 2016 issue of the magazine.

While most nonprofit leaders may earn less than their counterparts in established for-profits, those at the lower end of the hierarchy are most likely to suffer – badly – from the Nonprofit Wage Ghetto. Her studies show a majority of front-line caregivers, especially those in childcare, elder care and care for the disabled, are so poorly compensated they often need assistance programs themselves. These jobs require difficult hours, as well as high physical and emotional demands. Happily, Ruth suggests some innovative trends, plus a call to action on the part of governments at all levels, to address this inequity.



Elln Bristol Rethinking Fundraising

Rethinking Fundraising – The Executive’s Perspective

Conversations with Ellen and Leading Practitioners, Technologists, Journalists and Other Provocateurs about Funding Nonprofits

Hello, everyone! This is Ellen Bristol, founder of Bristol Strategy, performance management geek and nut for metrics. After years of working to improve the productivity and strategic management of the fundraising function, we decided to launch a podcast series, to interview experts, practitioners and provocateurs with both conventional, and decidedly UNCONVENTIONAL, ways of talking about, thinking about and implementing strategies for funding their nonprofit organizations, to achieve the mission, serve the client, and bring about desirable social change. While we all want to see our organizations thrive, there are many different ways to keep nonprofit organizations financially healthy.

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